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Eyeglasses, eyeglasses everywhere, just dont know which ones to wear? This is a common problem among the fashionable women who want to be in the midst of latest fashion trends. A sassy pair of eyewear carried by an equally stylish woman is like a heady cocktail oozing sensuality, panache and charisma all at the same time. What better than the classic Ray-Ban eyeglasses for women to flaunt their stylish self? Be it the high-street fashionista or the college diva, or even a hardworking ambitious woman we all love the Ray-Ban eyeglasses. The epitome of class, refinement and charm, Ray-Ban eyewear has a huge fan base throughout the globe. With the brands establishment, it captured the imagination of all the style conscious icons. From the classic Aviators and the uber sophisticated Clubaster to the vintage Wayfarers, each and every frame created by the colossal storehouse has been loved for deca ray ban white sunglasses des. Ray-Ban has crafted ultra-stylish eyewear for the contemporary ...
They are chic, dramatic and jazzy. Flamboyant and oozing sex appeal; mirrored sunglasses are the ultimate style icons. Our favourite mirrored sunglasses or sunnies as well like to call these are a fad every season. A part of every celebrities as well ray ban official fashion icons accessory wardrobe, they are the new in thing. And no one has described them in a better way than Brad Goreski, the celebrated fashion stylist. In his words Sporting a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look just like a new hairstyle. At the end of the day, its all about the right look. Mirrored sunglasses add a dash of glamour and passion to the wearers look. Whether its a small get together with friends over coffee or a rocking party to attend with the BFFs, or even a meeting with the business honchos, mirrored sunglasses are loved and worn by teens, adults and professionals alike. The eyewear industry today is buzzing with hosts of mirrored sunglasses being cr...
Glare reduction through Polaroid What is it that irritates the most when we venture out on a sunny day? Its the suns glare that spoils our mood and we are justified in feeling that way. Glare is the biggest problem that people face, especially those who spend most of their time outdoors. The problem of light sensitivity becomes more significant if someone is suffering from a condition called Glaucoma, in which people become sensitive to light and glare. To counter this problem of exposure, sunglasses act as an elixir to peoples eyes. And if the shades are with polarized glasses, it acts as a cherry on the cake. Benefits of Polaroid Polaroid is used by people who are exposed to the sunlight for most part of the day. Boat men, skiers, bikers, golfers, joggers, and others who want a clear view with elimination of glare need to p ray ban aviator 3026 osses polarized shades to protect their eyes from the glare. The Polarized glasses are also u ray ban wayfarer frames sed by those who ...
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